Hong Kong: Afternoon tea at LGB

There’re many places in Hong Kong serving afternoon tea but they usually have long queues and the waiting time can be very long. We wanted to have a relaxing Sunday stuffing our faces with cake and sandwiches without the annoyance and fuzz of the popular places so we headed to the LGB (Le Gouter Bernardau) cafe in the IFC. Read More

10 Fun things to do in Seoul

Last week I told you about all the fun things I did the weekend I visited Seoul but today I wanted to share with you the 10 things I love doing when I visit (or that I’d love to do) and I think are fun. Let me know if there’re other fun things you like to do when you visit Seoul. Read More

Hong Kong: Disneyland


This was our first time visiting Disneyland despite the fact that’s it’s one of the most popular attractions of Hong Kong. The reason being that it sounded like a very crowded  and chaotic place- even more than the streets of Central or Causeway bay (!) -. However we decided to see for ourselves what all the fuss was about and to see if it was really as crazy as we’d heard. Read More

Singapore zoo

I’ve had the opportunity to visit various zoos around the world but none comes close to the quality, greenery and spaciousness of Singapore Zoo. Even before arriving at the zoo, on the bus ride from the city, it feels like entering a completely natural area with massive trees, a lake and plants of all shapes and shades of green. At the zoo there’re all kinds of animals from around the world – like lions, rhinoceros, chimps, kangaroos, lemurs, etc.  Read More


We finally decided to visit Singapore again after our first visit 5 years ago. I think the first time we didn’t enjoy it as much because it was right after we moved to Hong Kong and everything seemed new, different, overwhelming and very hot! This time around we  wanted to visit some of the popular areas but also some places off the beaten path.  Read More


Bologna is a nice place to spend a few nights away from the swarms of tourists visiting the most popular places in Italy – Roma, Venice, Florence, etc – while still getting to enjoy the great things Italy has to offer –  the food, the architecture, gelato, etc – . This was my second time visiting Bologna although this time I was there on business.  Read More

Minibreak in Venice and Burano

Venice is without a doubt one of my favourite places to visit in Italy. The architecture, the food, the canals, everything is so beautiful that is easy to feel like in a fairytale by just walking down the street. There’re so many things to see and do there but I had to narrow down my options because I was visiting for only 36 hours.

Read More